The Lord is King! The Author


For as long as he can remember, Jim Venable has been interested in both science and theology. He was raised in a Christian home and attended the University of Rochester, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. During that time, he experienced spiritual renewal and was led into ministry. In pursuit of his theological interests, he received a Master of Divinity from the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Subsequently, he served as the pastor of a small American Baptist congregation in Rochester, New York. After more than eight years of ministry, he became dissatisfied with the pastorate and found an opportunity as an engineer in the mass transportation industry, where, for over twenty years, he has made significant contributions both at home and abroad.

Since leaving the pastorate, he has been a leader and teacher in numerous congregations, including an inner-city pentecostal church, an Evangelical Covenant church, Taipei International Church (Taiwan), a Southern Baptist church, a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, and a United Methodist Church. Always theologically conservative and doggedly Biblical, Jim makes a "no bones about it," plainly stated case for the important issues of the faith.

Jim encourages all believers to better their understanding of the Kingdom of God, for it was the main subject taught by Jesus and propagated by the apostles. Since the Kingdom is central to our life of faith, the truth concerning it must be defended. In this book, Jim stands firmly against the modern distortions of dispensationalism, especially the widely published claims that a pretribulational rapture of the Church is near and a Jewish millennial kingdom is yet to come. God has only one Kingdom. He reigns over it in majesty, both now and forever. Jim continues to teach classes on the Book of Revelation by popular demand. He is husband to his wife, Kenlynne, and father to four grown children.